Fertilizer Industrial Services – project support for fertilizer industry

We are a group of specialists in nitrogen fertilizer production technologies, covering ammonia, urea, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, NPK as well as methanol process plants.

Currently, with our partners from the Netherlands and India we execute challenging projects in Asia, Middle East, Central America and Europe. From commissioning activities to engineering support, project management consultancy and process safety training we offer our support and expertize to the fertilizer industry when and were required.

We document our lesson learnt and we share it with the ammonia and urea communities on and so we all can improve our skills and benefit by learning what we can do better in the future. Our site experience is translated and embedded in process safety courses for fertilizer operators that we develop together with Tech Safety Group.

About us


Fertilizer Industrial Services appear as a necessity to fill the gaps in commissioning skills and technology knowhow required in various projects in the fertilizer industry.

Our team members have started working together internationally since 2004 during commissioning of Phu My Fertilizer Project in Vietnam. Within last year’s we got together or split up freelancing in different projects around the world.

We are specialized in ammonia, urea, methanol, nitric acid and NPK technologies covering process, mechanical, instrumentation and project management. Our services vary from plant commissioning and start-up, operation support, ammonia tank de-commissioning and inspection, plant revamp support and project management consultancy.

Our projects


Within the last 14 years our specialists worked in various projects around the world supporting greenfield projects developed based on the latest technologies from licensors like TKIS-Uhde, KBR, Casale, Stamicarbon, Haldor Topsoe and Snamprogetti. More recently we get involved in brownfield projects for plant revamp projects, ammonia tank de-commissioning and inspection and plant conversion.


Steam Reformer Pigtail Failures

Author: Charles Ormsbee P.Eng. Senior Specialist, Fixed Equipment Agrium (first published by AICHE Safety in Ammonia Plants and related facilities symposium 2012)   Several pigtail failures occurred on F901 Steam Reformer inlet and outlet header from 2007 to 2009 at Agrium’s Ammonia plant in Redwater, Alberta, Canada. The inlet header […]

Ammonia storage tank de-commissioning in India

Fertilizer Industrial Services (FIS) specialists are involved in decommissioning, inspection & repair activities and commissioning of two anhydrous ammonia storage tanks in Mumbai, India, in a period between October 2016 and June 2017 (estimated). Together with Global Remote, our partner for advanced inspection services, FIS delivers commissioning process and repair […]

The difference – our expertise in fertilizer projects

There are large EPC companies and reputable consultancies on the engineering market with a long record of delivering large scale projects in oil and gas industry. We collaborate and with them when our experience is required for specific projects that involve ammonia or urea technologies. Why us? Few key facts […]

Ma’aden II 3300 mtd ammonia plant commissioning

Fertilizer Industrial Services has provided support to ThyssenKrupp Uhde Arabia Ltd through our partner, Tech Safety Group, for commissioning and start-up of Ma’aden II ammonia plant at Ras Al Khair in Saudi Arabia. ThyssenKrupp, as a sub-contractor to EPC company Daelim, has delivered its ammonia dual-pressure process technology with a […] and promote compliance with health, safety and environment standards and good business practices in the fertilizer industry. The effects of safety incidents do not necessarily stop at the plants gates but can impact the environment outside the enterprise. In addition to the human cost and material damage, the reputation of the operations can be significantly impaired if urea and ammonia process safety management is not conducted appropriately.

We use our own experience in developing urea and ammonia psm guidances aimed to inform both stakeholders and employees in the nitrogen fertilizer industry of the hazards at different stages of the operations chain as well as recommended good safety practices to minimize the associated risks. “Prevention is better than cure” and effective safety promotion starts by getting things right within the plants management and operations.

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